A supply chain and manufacturing platform for fashion brands

We simplify your supply chain process, from sourcing to manufacturing and shipping. So you can focus on scaling the next generation of Direct-to-Consumer brands.

Our vision

Revamp Fashion Sourcing
And Manufacturing
With Tech – Enabled Platform

Reduce sourcing process
from averagely 3 weeks
downs to 48 hours

  • Get quotes from the most suitable suppliers within 48 hours.
  • Data-driven sourcing process with strong on-the-ground support.
  • Fully vetted and ethical suppliers, exclusively from Vietnam with high quality finished products.
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What makes Inflow different?

High-quality finished products

Premium supplier sourcing

Trend-driven design catalog

Flexible MOQ

Ethical suppliers

Sustainable raw materials

Our supply chain is sustainable.

Inflow’s partner suppliers are committed to ethical and sustainable production practices. Brands can require a range of specific certifications following your compliance process. Our experts are always in search of best sustainable raw materials, dyes and packaging for your brand.

At inflow, we are not competing
on cost, but good quality.

We commit to pay fair production cost to our partner manufacturers so that every partner can together contribute into our sustainable and ethical supply chain.

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